Transport across Europe

Delivery in all Europe countries

According to your needs, we provide transport of all cargo types in all Europe’s countries.

100% guarantee

We strongly belive in our services

Our modern vehicles, as well as experienced employees, provide security to accomplish any given task.

Our resources

All cargo transport

Our resources give us the possibility to take full care of your cargo to its final destination.

Vehicle service

All vehicle service

The long-standing experience of vehicle servicing is a confirmation of the safety of your vehicles.

Autoprevoz history

Autoprevoz Mostar was founded in early 1947. The company’s main activities are: road freight transport, vehicle repair, freight forwarding, Renault Trucks service, whose fleet the company owns.
2000 the company is privatized and has 50 employees.

Your cargo is our care

We offer a large offer of transport services. With us transport the cargo of all sizes and species in all countries of Europe and the region.

Security and reliability

Our resources enable us to execute projects of all sizes – from small personal needs, to big and demanding projects.

New and modern vehicles

Our modern and new vehicles ensure that every cargo and goods transportation arrives safely and on time.


We worry that your cargo arrives safely and on time!